Coaching to create waves in
life and work.

Get the clarity, tools and support you need to take powerful steps forward.

I’m helping people - just like you - to change direction, find their spark and start living their best life.

Imagine a life free from all these exhausting stressors, fears and limitations.

What would it look like?
What changes would you see?
What fire would others see in your eyes?

Change is possible, if you want it enough. My passion is to help you get there.

Specialist, Results Driven

Coaching Workshops

Coaching programs designed to challenge fear and limitations, move forward with confidence, and step into the life you really want.


If you’re feeling drained or disengaged, maybe it’s time to add some SPARK back into your life?


Are you stuck, pressured, tired, or
frustrated? Break free from what’s holding you back.


At times we can become lost, empty, dull, and even confused. Push through the fuzz and arrive at clarity.


Is life ruled by an unwavering feeling of being blocked and unfulfilled? Find the direction of your True North. 

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About Me

I'm Here to Support You - One Step at a Time

You are not alone.

I understand the pressures of life. I know how it feels to be stuck. I’ve seen it and I’ve felt it myself.

  • Over 20 years working in the wellbeing industry, internationally.
  • Hundreds of clients helped to powerfully grow forward.
  • Combining the best methods (scientifically proven and extensively tested) out there to achieve the best possible results.
My Vision

My vision is to create a happier, more connected world brimming with inspired people and genuine individual success. I’m committed and strongly dedicated to making transformational education widely accessible and to teach the most innovative change solutions that enable you to unleash your potential.

My Mission

My mission is to help you live your life fully, on your terms, based on your core values and purpose. I assist you to dissolve the limiting beliefs between you and your boldest dreams.

Choose Your Coaching Path

If you are committed to having a breakthrough and are ready to take big steps forward to live an extraordinary life, then my coaching programs (link to coaching) and workshops (link to workshops) could be for you.

When you step up to a tailored coaching program with Nicole, you are committing to finding your courage, revealing your deepest passion, overcoming your fears, sharing your voice and breaking down any walls and blocks that are currently in your way.

For Individuals

When you step up to a tailored coaching program, you are committing to finding your courage, revealing your deepest passion, overcoming your fears, sharing your voice and breaking down any walls and blocks that are currently in your way.

For Groups

Powerful Self-Leadership Group Coaching Programs – to succeed in life and at work. The strategies and knowledge you’ll learn will have a profound impact on your daily life, as well as your performance and your happiness.


An innovative method for addressing all areas of life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences and /or unhelpful emotions regarding future events that impact your sense of wellbeing and accomplishment.


Check out my upcoming workshops & classes here.

Emotional Intelligent Leadership Development (GENOS)

Game-changing for business. Life-changing for people. Arrange an info talk with Nicole now and learn more about the opportunities.

Coaching for Organisations

We can achieve strong result together! Arrange a free info talk now.

What makes working with Nicole so powerful?

Your challenges set the agenda.

Every person’s journey is unique so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. From her diverse, multidisciplinary skill palette, Nicole will select the most direct tools and techniques for addressing your specific challenges.

The focus is on your whole being.

Nicole works with you on all levels to facilitate profound, deep and lasting change: your mind and body; your emotional, social, physical and financial
progress; your personal and professional life. Aligning all aspects of your life in a united direction gives the most powerful, life-changing results.

You are not alone.

Creating change in your life requires hard work. The exciting thing about tackling change with Nicole on your team is that you get big results faster. Nicole has the innate ability to swiftly and intuitively identify your personal progress zone, supporting you to move forward with courage, clarity and intention.

You are in good hands.

Nicole’s expertise has been developed over 20 years working and training internationally across multiple fields of the health and well-being industry. Her approach is calm, grounded, kind and compassionate while actively moving clients toward actions and outcomes. Nicole’s ultimate goal is to see you fully and independently living the life you want, without regret.

What to do next...

It is very important for you to find just the right person to support your journey. When you book a Discovery Session with Nicole, it is a chance to find out what kind of results Nicole’s coaching could bring you. The Discovery Session is complementary and will allow both you and Nicole to work out if you can achieve strong results together.

Book your FREE Discovery Session today and find out if coaching is for you!


My Happy Clients

“Nicole’s intuitive wisdom, skilled guidance, and empathetic connection helped me clarify my career goals and determine my priorities and next steps in achieving them. She not only listens and challenges you, she creates a safe and open environment that support the coaching process. Thanks to her warm and generous spirit I am able to move forward from thoughts that were keeping me ‘stuck’. “
Claudia H
“Coaching with Nicole was an eye opening experience. Nicole has a calming and soothing professional coaching approach. She had the ability to uncover areas from my past that still needing forgiveness and to be released. Thank you for guiding me so gracefully to where I needed to go.”
Darcy Burkhardt
“This program was fantastic, I would strongly recommend it to those of you who really want to pursue and fulfil your dreams and make them come true.”
Mary M
“Nicole thought me how to attract abundance into my life. She opened my mind to new possibilities and explained that I could really change my life if I was willing to give up my old thinking beliefs about money and prosperity. Working with Nicole was truly inspirational.”
Caroline G
“My life has changed profoundly. I went from wandering in the dark, being constantly tired and frustrated, to having a clear vision and passion for life. Life-Coaching with Nicole is the best thing you can do for yourself! It’s an investment in a fulfilling and happy future.”
Kevin L
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