Wingwave® Coaching

Achieve Top – Performance with Wingwave® Coaching.

An innovative method for addressing all areas of life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences and/or unhelpful emotions regarding future events that impact on client’s sense of well-being and accomplishment.

Wingwave® Coaching helps to:

  • mentally prepare for peak performance
  • activate personal resources whenever needed
  • implement changes
  • enhance abilities and skills
  • dissolve mental blocks
  • overcome personal and professional disappointments and setbacks on the way to achieving goals.
  • transform limiting thought and behavioural patterns into self-confidence
  • increase stress-resilience, creativity, and overall well-being

wingwave® Coaching is an integrated neuropsychological method which combines:

Myostatic test – to record your individual muscle reaction. This muscle test identifies stress triggers and enables optimal use of relevant coaching processes.

Bilateral hemispheric stimulation – “awake” REM phases (rapid eye movements) and auditory or tactile left-right inputs for quick denmenting (limbic stress regulation).

Neuro-linguistic programming – disrupts old patterns so the goal is successfully rewired in the brain.

Regulation of Performance Stress

Wingwave® provides an effective balance of stress. The inner balance is instantly stabilised, the inner calm returns and you feel prepared for conflicts that may be on your mind.

Ressource Coaching

The intervention is used for success topics such as increasing creativity, self-image coaching, positive self-motivation, visualisation and mental preparation for a test or important performance.

Belief Coaching

The awareness of performance-limiting
beliefs are shifted into resource beliefs. The goal is to stabilise your personal belief system to be able to handle demanding mental stress.

Become a Wingwave® Coach!

A four-day training course to become a Wingwave® coach directed at professional coaches, trainers, and therapists.

Dates for 2022 Coming Soon!

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